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Tel. +52 951.166.2977

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Frequent questions

Do you accept electronic or credit card payments?

Your payments are welcome through transfers through SPEI and from any Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card, through payment market links and through the Paypal portal.

Do you bill for your services?

Yes, all our services are billable and we offer the possibility of generating a prior invoice for confirmation of information, RFC, concept, means of payment, etc.

Do you do work outside the state of Oaxaca?

We currently have coverage throughout the south-east region of the country and we also have the facility to travel to any part of the world for any collaboration that is required. We also carry out projects and support remotely.

Do they speak English or some other language?

We have highly trained personnel to develop projects in Spanish and English.

Do you receive payments outside of Mexico?

We receive payments from any country through Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit cards.

Contact us

Cuauhtémoc 215-A, New Mexico, San Jacinto Amilpas, Oaxaca, Mexico. 68285.

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